Vi-Spring - Baronet Superb Mattress

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                  The Baronet Superb Mattress.

Features of the Mattress :-      

       . Firmness choice Soft-Medium-Firm               

       . Natural Fillings 

       . Side Stitched Mattress 

       . Quality Belgian Ticking     


The Vi-Spring Baronet Superb mattress, the mattress has 1326 pocket springs (in a 150 x 200 size) with horsehair teased into hessian and enclosed in a hair proof cambric cover, blended platinum certified British fleece wool and cotton. The mattress border is 21cm deep with two rows of geniuine side stitching, eight handles, air vents on all sides and the borders upholstered in protective wool, finished with piped ticking. 


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